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Prone Breathing For core stability

Written by bbernadsky


July 21, 2020

How will this feel?

This is a very simple, and profound exercise that honestly doesn’t feel like too much. We are using our breath to gently activate the muscles of the core, and in particular the structural muscles of the low back. Its so easy a baby can do it. In fact, this is what babies spend months practicing before they are able to roll over on their own. It is a key exercise that we all did to gain the strength to ambulate.

I will often recommend this exercise as well as a supine breathing drill to gently strengthen and relax the core in back pain patients and hip instability patients.

Who is this exercise for?

This is great for mothers, daughters, sons, body builders, runners, dog walkers, mushroom pickers, cross fitters, mountain climbers, arm chair enthusiasts, knitters, sports fans and sportsmen. Anyone who can do it, will find some benefit.

What tools do you need?

To do this you don’t need anything but yourself and the floor.

Breathing exercise breakdown.

  1. You’re gonna position yourself face down with your hands under your forehead.
  2. Your elbows are gently pressing into the floor they shouldn’t be too high up that’s an important thing. You don’t want to destabilize your shoulders.
  3. Your neck is long, your chin is slightly tucked and even though your face is down your eyes are open.
  4. We’re going to take a nice deep breath through the nose and then we’re going to slowly breathe out through the mouth with a sound “ssss” or “shhhh” so the whole time there’s a gentle engagement at the elbows.
  5. As you breath in you should feel your abdomen fill up and then deflate.
  6. So in through the nose and then breathe out. It’s that simple but it’s very very powerful.

If you have any questions you can email me or comment below thank you and take care.

Video Demonstration.


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